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For many, the right to express our ideas and live how we choose is something we take for granted. But these rights and many others have come as the result of years of hard work and deliberation. 

In this program they examine what human rights are and why they are important.  Several human rights experts provide an insight into the value of human rights and the terrible consequences of compromising these rights. 

The program also looks at the development of human rights, the United Nations, promoting and enforcing human rights, protecting human rights in Australia and contemporary issues in human rights.

This is a UK based production

Definitions and terms

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a historic document which outlined the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to. It was the first international agreement on the basic principles of human rights.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights  - Articles 1- 30

International Covenants


Rule of law 

Australian Constitution - how it deals with human rights and the law



This is a useful start for your specific country. Remember that for some of the countries you will be researching accurate, reliable and up to date data will be difficult to find. 

Searching has various options to choose: reference, academic, magazines, video etc.

You will find the video of original speech by Elaenor Roosevelt at this link.