Humanities and Social Sciences
Year 7 - Politics and Law

Books and Ebooks


Rule of Law Institute of Australia: Education

Museum of Australian Democracy: Exploring Democracy, Rule of Law

West Australian Police Force -General information on infringements

Legal Needs of Young People in Western Australia

Youth Legal Service WA  There is an excellent Case Study section which tells the story of real young adults and their crimes.

West Australian Criminal Code  PDF of all 335 pages 

Juvenile justice legislation in Australia - explains the system in each state.

Police powers and your rights.

Media Resources

Source: Law Society of NSW. 15 Nov 2018


The video above looks at Teen Courts and how children are dealt with under the law. Click on the link to take you to the BTN program on Teen Courts.

Definitions and Search Terms

Each of these terms has a link to a definition.

Legal rights

Justice (Simple

Age of criminal responsibility

Definition of a Juvenile

Rule of Law

Presumption of Innocence

Burden of Proof

'The legal principle that the prosecution must prove that the accused is guilty of the crime.'

Standard of Proof 

Fair Trial

Impartial judge and jury

Rules of evidence

Legal Representation

Legal Aid

Crime Stoppers Explains how Australia’s legal system aims to provide justice, through the rule of law.

Types of crime: Indictable and summary offences - the difference and links to specific topics