Humanities and Social Sciences
Year 9 Geography: Australian Trade

Books and Ebooks


Useful data information sources:

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Provides a basic overview of main trading partners and free trade agreements.

Trading Economics

You can search by country, category of goods.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Business Insider Australia

World Trade Organisation 

Provides information on various trade agreements, eg ASEAN

Media Resources

Source: Mindlever Education Centre  16 March 2015 (2 mins) A simple explanation of specialisation and the benefits of trade.

Source: Alex Symonds, 24 Jan 2017 (5 min).  Explains the idea of direction and composition of trade very simply. Be mindful of the date of the data presented. This can be useful for historical patterns of trade.

Source: Austrade, July 2019: Discusses the benefits of trade agreements.

Definitions and Search Terms

Trade is the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services between people, firms, or countries.

International Trade  arises because countries differ in their demand for goods and their ability to produce them. Factors of production cannot be transferred easily between countries, and so goods move instead.



Trade composition

Trade direction


FTA = Free Trade agreements - can search for agreements with China and other countries.


Data Bases

Search specifically eg Australia's trade with China.